The Fourth Light Project

Niño de Elche

Ricardo Ribeiro

Lula Pena

Kayhan Kalhor and Friends

Global Music Package

Events in this package include:

Center Orchestra / Center Balcony

$117 (Reg. $195)

Side Orchestra / Side Front and Rear Balcony

$87 (Reg. $145)

About the Global Music Package

Even before the establishment of Ellis Island and the dedication of the Statue of Liberty, New York was a global city.  Its neighborhoods are full of distinct communities that have each contributed to the development of our diverse, rich and unique culture. We celebrate this diversity by bringing you a body of programming that represents the best artists from around the world.

Box Office Information

Address: 3 Spruce Street, New York

Phone: 212-346-1715


Now through August 31: Monday – Friday, Noon – 5pm

Beginning September 5: Tuesday – Saturday, Noon – 5pm & 3 hours prior to performance time through intermission

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