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Le chant des sirènes
Choreographed and Performed by Sylvain Émard

“Émard’s a poet, with years of quiet contemplation under his belt. He’s the kind of sensitive, nuanced dance artist I feel we need today. ” – The Dance Current

After a 15-year absence Sylvain Émard is now back onstage, rediscovering himself as a dancer changed by the passage of time as he ventures into a fascinating territory of experimentation. With Le chant des sirènes,  he probes the states of being of a man who wants to believe that all is not lost. Holding high his hope like a subversive banner, he refuses to succumb to the glitter and sparkle of mirage. Against all odds he dances, a solitary maestro haunted by the sound and fury of the world he inhabits.

Sylvain Émard founded Sylvain Émard Danse, in 1990. His choreographic works reveal a creator in full command of his talent, an artist who has won the admiration of audiences at home and abroad. His repertoire of more than 30 unique pieces has been praised for its diversity. The quality of his artistic work gave Sylvain Émard the opportunity to collaborate as guest choreographer in theatre, opera and cinema. Sylvain Émard is winner of numerous prestigious awards, such as the Jean A. Chalmers Award for Great Choreographic Distinction (1996). Sylvain Émard is also co-founder of Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique.

This season’s dance series is sponsored by SHS Foundation.
Photo: Sylvie-Ann Paré
Video by Thomas Payette / HUB Studio


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